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Ziemael here.. testing testing.

OK testing mah link...

Swallow Your Soul Studio

With a picture of my father in spirit, enter image description here

I like how it creates codey thingy stuffs to baffle and confuse immigrating aliens, you are obviously trying for force your language on us. OH BTW, props on the Preview portion. I am really seriously digging it.

First Post

Well not sure what is broken and what isn't. This is the first run with running the system live. A lot can go wrong between the dev environment to the live environment. But thus far it looks good.

We understand your apprehension to sharing your current location. No matter how accurate your geolocation
is reported to us we convert this to a 5 digit zip code and store that.


Everything is converted to a ballpark area to keep you safe.
Without this information, your posts have no location and people in your area won't see your posts in a
local scope only in global.
If it makes you feel more at ease you can specify a zipcode to link your posts or you can decline altogether.