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If your here

If your here... I'm not sure why.

But just FYI... I talked about an upcoming update. Which there is. I've been rewriting the entire core of the system. The exciting part of this is that the website will be able to handle a lot more people and scale up easier. I'm doing this by breaking up all the functions of the website into small modules using a new piece of tech that runs the core of the beast. This engine allows Node developers easily deploy enterprise class websites... and it's going to be made open source with some or maybe even all of the modules that will make up this social network website. What better way to build a social community website than to have the community build it.

Anyways if your curious or want to join follow my GitHub account BadOPCode.

Big Update!

Working on a really big update! This may take sometime as I'm actually changing a bunch of the fundamentals of the core.

ALSO... the "Search" button is not broken. I found a bad bug in the signup system and had to do a emergency update. The "Search" button is a small part of the new stuff I'm working on.

Bug fix

Fixed the signup page that would crash if user did not enter anything into Captcha.

Latest Update

  • Rearranged some screens and started implementing buttons into pocket widget.
  • Added security check so new posts and user tags can only be made by accounts that have verified their email.
  • Added delete option of your own posts.
  • Created new container widget called the flip panel. You can see it at the main screen if you click the options button. But haven't added anything into the flip panel yet. This is where more search boxes, quick filters and misc detail controls is going to go.

Sort of a big update. :)

Added markdown to the system!

Now you can do stuff like this...

enter image description here

Yet another small update

Fixed a CSS bug that made the back button in Firefox disappear.
Added a function to refresh the Google DFP ads.
Added a timer to call the refresh ads function.
Fixed bug in comments link that was causing a page load instead of AJAX update.
Added a favicon.ico and added it's Express route.

Small Update

Did a small update fixing some of the Android bugs. Not exactly aesthetically pleasing but now is functional. Than again... not sure what on this site IS aesthetically pleasing LOL!
The only feature that made it in this update is the back button on post reading which is a part of a new widget system called the pocket area of the screen. It's a subsection of the heading. Thinking of putting page titles there instead of inline.

Big update!

Just performed a massive update.
- Rewrote most of the pages so that they use Dojo mobile widgets.
- Made the system pass content as AJAX via the web socket instead of a page refresh.
- User tagging. Now as a user you can add one tag to other peoples post.
- system to rewrite SweetCaptcha's crappy javascript. Basically makes jQuery called via Dojo AMD and the SC script is wrapped in a Dojo require block. MUCH smoother and faster now that its loading async as well! Plus works sssssmooth in my new AJAX system.
- Block IE versions less than 11. I'm not dealing with IE madness as much as possible.
- COMPLETELY BORKED the shoutbox. I'm planning on rebuilding it pretty much from scratch now that I have a nice AJAX framework.
- Implementation of GeoLocation system... but no UI controls yet. Took a back seat because of the AJAX UI rewrite. Next update you will be able to designate areas you want posts to be viewed and what areas you want to view posts from.
- Countless misc bug fixes.

We understand your apprehension to sharing your current location. No matter how accurate your geolocation
is reported to us we convert this to a 5 digit zip code and store that.


Everything is converted to a ballpark area to keep you safe.
Without this information, your posts have no location and people in your area won't see your posts in a
local scope only in global.
If it makes you feel more at ease you can specify a zipcode to link your posts or you can decline altogether.