Latest Update

  • Rearranged some screens and started implementing buttons into pocket widget.
  • Added security check so new posts and user tags can only be made by accounts that have verified their email.
  • Added delete option of your own posts.
  • Created new container widget called the flip panel. You can see it at the main screen if you click the options button. But haven't added anything into the flip panel yet. This is where more search boxes, quick filters and misc detail controls is going to go.

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We understand your apprehension to sharing your current location. No matter how accurate your geolocation
is reported to us we convert this to a 5 digit zip code and store that.


Everything is converted to a ballpark area to keep you safe.
Without this information, your posts have no location and people in your area won't see your posts in a
local scope only in global.
If it makes you feel more at ease you can specify a zipcode to link your posts or you can decline altogether.