Big update!

Just performed a massive update.
- Rewrote most of the pages so that they use Dojo mobile widgets.
- Made the system pass content as AJAX via the web socket instead of a page refresh.
- User tagging. Now as a user you can add one tag to other peoples post.
- system to rewrite SweetCaptcha's crappy javascript. Basically makes jQuery called via Dojo AMD and the SC script is wrapped in a Dojo require block. MUCH smoother and faster now that its loading async as well! Plus works sssssmooth in my new AJAX system.
- Block IE versions less than 11. I'm not dealing with IE madness as much as possible.
- COMPLETELY BORKED the shoutbox. I'm planning on rebuilding it pretty much from scratch now that I have a nice AJAX framework.
- Implementation of GeoLocation system... but no UI controls yet. Took a back seat because of the AJAX UI rewrite. Next update you will be able to designate areas you want posts to be viewed and what areas you want to view posts from.
- Countless misc bug fixes.

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Add a tag (Only one)


We understand your apprehension to sharing your current location. No matter how accurate your geolocation
is reported to us we convert this to a 5 digit zip code and store that.


Everything is converted to a ballpark area to keep you safe.
Without this information, your posts have no location and people in your area won't see your posts in a
local scope only in global.
If it makes you feel more at ease you can specify a zipcode to link your posts or you can decline altogether.